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User agreement

1. General Provisions

This agreement constitutes an instruction and requirement on the basis of which the services of the exchange service are provided and is considered officially written to individuals who are obliged to accept the Agreement on the provision of services by the service in the conditions described below.
Before using our services, the client must fully study the conditions «Service provision agreements».
To enjoy  service services permissible only if the client accepts all the terms of the Agreement.
The current version of the Agreement is posted for public access on our exchange service (

2. Definitions and provisions used in the Agreement

Provision of services — is an online commercial e-currency exchange platform.

Website of our exchange service –

This site can be used by a client who wishes to use the service offers , and also to fulfill the acceptance of the Agreement in accordance with its terms.

A payment system is a software creation generated by a third party. This concept contributes to  implementation of accounting for foreign exchange and other obligations, payment for goods and services online, as well as a system of mutual settlements among its users.

Electronic currency is an alternative currency created by the developer for the general use, expressed in digital form.

Payment / operation - transformation of an electronic currency into another currency from the sender to the recipient.

Payment concept user - a person who has entered into an agreement with an appropriate payment system in obtaining material consumption rights to it, measured by virtual units established in this  system.

Application - representing the client's intentions to use the services offered by the service, filling out an electronic form on the Internet, according to the criteria shown in the Agreement and written in the parameters of the submitted Application.

Source currency is an electronic currency that the client intends to sell or change.

The Source Account is the wallet number of the customer's account with the Payment Organization from which the Source Currency was sent.

Resulting currency is an electronic monetary unit that the client acquires as a result of the sale or exchange of the Initial Currency.

The resulting account is the wallet number or  another designation of the client's account in the Payment Concept to which the Resulting Currency will be sent.

Currency reserve - existing in the Service directive, for the period of formation of the transaction, the volume of a specific Electronic currency.

Currency exchange - the exchange of electronic funds from one payment system into another virtual currency of the payment concept.

Rate - the financial proportion of two electronic currencies when exchanging them.

A hacker is a highly qualified computer cracker, an offender who specializes in finding and using prohibited access to computer networks or other computerized equipment for the purpose of illegally extracting data, gaining profit, or causing damage.

3. Subject of the Agreement

3.1 The object of this Agreement is to provide the client with our Service proposals for the exchange of electronic currencies.

4. Sequence of service offers by the Service

4.1 Service order performed by the client by sending an application through the online Service.

4.2 The management of the course of the transaction or the receipt of data regarding the process of executing the transaction by the client is performed using the proper user interface posted on the Service website.

4.3 Service implements the execution of Applications on an irrevocable basis in accordance with the agreements on the activities of certain payment systems.

4.4 The services of cannot be a roundabout way of the agreement between the Payment system and the user of the payment concept and is in no way responsible for the actions of the system and its Visitor. The powers and direct obligations of the payment concept and its Buyer are governed by the criteria for the provision of services of certain Payment concepts.

4.5 service does not ask for confirmation  in that the sender and recipient of funds participating in the Transaction are considered to be one and the same person, the Service does not concern the relationship between the sender and recipient of currency money or electronic currency.

4.6 The service does not check the legality of the client's ownership of electronic currencies and finances involved in a particular Operation.

4.7 Before using the services of the Service, the client & nbsp; confirms that he legally owns and manages finances  and electronic currency participating in the current & nbsp; deal.

4.8 The client undertakes to personally calculate and pay all taxes required by the tax laws of his location.

4.9 Concerned about the quality of services provided to customers, Service undertakes to perform all actions, within the framework of the current Agreement, as efficiently as possible.

4.10 In Case If, ​​for any reason, you want to cancel the exchange and return your funds after payment, the refund will be made at the current exchange rate minus 5% of the exchange amount, as well as all costs that the service will incur when making a return (payment commission concepts, course change and the like)

5. Cost of services

5.1 Prices for the services of this service  set by the management and published on the website

5.2 The administration has the right to individually change the exchange rates of electronic currencies and the proposed commissions at any time unilaterally, notifying about this & nbsp; Service users are pre-posting information of upcoming changes.

5.3 The Application created by the client on the service website indicates the Rate, the size of the commission offered by this Payment system for the execution of the Transaction, the amount of remuneration for the Service, but also the joint total of the transferred funds or electronic currency.

5.4 This site deducts the cost of personal fees for the period of this Transaction. The service promotion is deducted from the Resulting Currency.

6. Electronic currency exchange

6.1 After completing the Application, the Client instructs, and the Service, on its own behalf and at the expense of the user, conducts operations to exchange the Electronic currency of one Payment system (Initial currency) into the Electronic currency of another Payment concept (Result currency) established by the client.

6.2 The Client undertakes to transfer the Original Currency, in full amount, which is specified in the Application, and the Service, after receiving the proper Electronic Currency, undertakes to transfer to the client the Resulting Currency, calculated at the Rate and in accordance with the tariffs of the website services.

6.3 The amount of remuneration for the services of the service is displayed in the Application and confirmed by the client by pressing the "Next" button on one of the pages of the user interface when creating an application.

6.4 The position of the Service for the transfer of Electronic currencies to the client is considered completed & nbsp; at the time of debiting the Electronic Currency in this Payment Concept from the Service account, which  recorded in the history of transactions of the paying Payment System.

6.5 The service has the right to cancel the Application created by the client if the resources in the amount of the Initial currency have not been credited to the service account within 30 minutes.

6.6 The rate for the deal is strengthened for 30 minutes. In the event that no confirmation is received during this time, the course will be fixed after the first confirmation. The exchange will also be performed after the 1st confirmation of your transaction in the network.

6.7 The service has the right to stop the procedure and retain the client's resources in order to avoid fraudulent and other acts that can cause financial and reputational damage to the Service or the Client.

6.8 The service has the right to introduce financial and quantitative limits on the process of conducting transactions. Information about the limits is indicated on the service website.

7. Entry into force of the Agreement

7.1 This Agreement is recognized as valid on the terms of a public offer accepted by the client in the process of submitting an Application.

7.2 A public offer is the material provided by the Service about the parameters and conditions of the Application.

7.3 The acceptance of a public offer is called  execution by the Client of operations upon completion of the creation of the Application, confirming his decision to use the services of the Service on the terms set forth in this Agreement and specified in the Application.

7.4 The date and time of acceptance, as well as the parameters of the conditions of the Application are registered by the Service automatically at the end of the creation of the application.

7.5 The Agreement takes effect from the moment the Client completes the creation of the Application. The User may well refrain from performing actions on the Application until the payment for the Operation.

8. Obligation of the Parties

8.1 The service is liable to the client in an amount not exceeding the amount of funds or electronic currency transferred by the client.

8.2 The Service is not responsible for malfunctions, errors and interruptions in the operation of software and hardware money that ensure the operation of the Service services, formed due to circumstances beyond the control of the Service, as well as the associated losses of the Client.

8.3 Service provides services exclusively for the exchange, acquisition, and sale of electronic currencies. does not accept  payment in favor of any third parties, and in addition, prohibits the exchange for wallets and accounts that are not related to the client. does not enter into any partnership relations, does not conclude any agreements with recipients of payments for its services or offers, and certainly against such relations. The service is prohibited from being used as an intermediate site for settlements between the client and the seller, the customer and the contractor.

8.4 service is not responsible for client losses resulting from illegal actions of others..

8.5 The Client is fully responsible for the accuracy of the information confirmed by him when filling out the Application. If the client did not indicate or mistakenly indicated information, the Service does not correspond for the Client's losses incurred as a result of the error.

8.6 The Operations report is stored in the site database and is considered the primary source that the Parties to the agreement are guided by in ambiguous situations.

8.7 The Parties are relieved of responsibility for the absolute or partial failure to fulfill their obligations under the Agreement, if this arose as a result of force majeure reasons that arose after the entry into force of the Agreement, as a result of emergency incidents that could not have been foreseen and prevented by reasonable measures.

8.8 In other cases of non-compliance or improper performance of their obligations under the Agreement, the Parties shall be liable in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, taking into account the terms of the Agreement.

9. Other provisions

9.1 The service has the right to unilaterally amend the Agreement by posting changes on the Site. Changes begin to take effect from the moment of publication, if another date for the entry into force of the changes is not additionally set when they are published.

9.2 Service has the right to refuse a client in & nbsp; creating an application without explaining the circumstances of the refusal.

9.3 Service has the right in case of doubtful acts in the process of creating an application by the client, in order to avoid losses from hacker attacks, to stop performing such actions until the reasons for this operation are verified.

9.4 The service has the right to refuse to carry out the exchange, purchase and sale of electronic currencies, if the transfer of the Initial currency to the site's account was transferred without filling out an application using the user interfaces on the service site. Electronic currency transferred  to the service account, without creating an application using the user interfaces on the service site, it can be returned to the client upon request, taking into account the deduction of the commission of the Payment Concept, if any.

9.5  Service has the right to send the client to the specified e-mail information about the processing status of the exchange operation, because  this is an essential part of the successful completion of the exchange.

9.6 All wrangles and disagreements that have arisen or may arise from this Agreement shall be resolved through negotiations on the basis of a written application from the client. service after receiving complaints from the client or  claims must within 15 days resolve the claims filed for complaints or send a reasoned refusal to the Client. All required documents must be attached to the answer. If the resulting conflict is not resolved in a complaint procedure within 60 days, each of the Parties has the right to apply for a dispute resolution to the court at the location of the client.

The client confirms that he is familiar with absolutely all statements of this Agreement and undoubtedly accepts them.